Damaged iphone microphone affecting calls, video recording and voice memos?

Dealing with a faulty microphone on your iPhone can be frustrating. Your everyday tasks on your phone can all of a sudden become obstacles. Not being able to communicate with callers because of complaints that they cannot hear you. You may experience static audio in video recordings or silent voice recording and these can set you back at the most important times. Little do you know, this problem can be solved by our friend technicians at iFone Repair Service of Glendale by scheduling a same day repair on your iPhone. Repairs as such may take as little as 30 minutes and can be done the same day. Don’t deal with painstaking insurance claims or long visits to the Apple store only to find out that you need to pay a high deductible and result in long waits to receive a replacement phone. Give our iPhone repair technicians a call today to have an appointment scheduled to bring in your device for repair.

Types of issues:

  • Recipient on other end does not hear you
  • Static sound in call on other end
  • Callers complain that your voice is muffled
  • Water damage to bottom area of phone
  • Audio Quality issues
  • No audio in video recordings
  • Siri does not pickup commands
  • No recording on Voice memos

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Your Data is in Good Hands

We pledge to keep your data safe and private during our work in process. We understand that your data may consist of personal, private and sensitive information you may be concerned about. Our team of trained staff and technicians work on secure systems to avoid and breach in your information during the repair of your iPhone or iPad device. We take special measures for devices left overnight by locking them away and facilitate all same day repairs with secure measures. For the comfort of our customers, we also provide repairs on scheduled appointment at the presence of the customer at our work bench.

Free Diagnostic

Before conducting any kind of repair to a device we begin with a Free diagnostic process to thoroughly check your device and run a checklist inspection on its primary component. We begin this diagnostic process in the presence of our customers at their initial scheduled visit. We use tools and software during this process to make sure your device does not lack any of its functionality. Pricing on repairs are always quoted prior to to work being done with no surprise bills without the customer approval.

Quick Turn-around

We know how important your device can be towards your work schedule, personal time and to get you through your day. Here at iFone Repair Service in Glendale, we offer a quick and accessible scheduling system online to schedule repairs to be done while you wait. We’re talking repaired and done within 30min! Turnaround is based on the extent of a device’s damage, unique scenarios may take beyond the average repair time. Our team would be happy to give you a transparent and concise idea on how long a repair would take after diagnosing your device.

No Fix, No Fee. Guarantee!

We provide repair services on iPhones and iPads with a “No Fix, No Fee Guarantee”. Here at iFone Repair Service our job is to successfully fix all  devices that come through the door. If in unfortunate cases your device is unable to be repair, recovered or have its problem solved, our technical staff wont charge a penny. Yes, we mean that! Our intentions are pure, and we’re here to fight for the success of all your repair needs. Incase you were wonder, payments for repairs are also accepted only at the end when the repair is complete.